At Warmley Park we believe in and value every individual and what they can aspire to. We strive to motivate pupils to reach their goals and beyond.  

All children and young adults who attend Warmley Park School and College will have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

The information in this section is to guide and support you through some of the statutory processes and paperwork involved when you have a child or care for a child who attends Warmley Park and has an EHCP. 

In the sub-sections, you'll find information on the Annual Review meeting, a guide to the EHCP document and a SEND glossary.


Below are some views from parents and carers who are part of our Warmley Park Family:

  • Warmley Park supports us: 'With resources, advice, help getting additional support from outside agencies. Above and beyond support with home visits/calls for emotional support for the student and all members of the family'.
  • Warmley Park are 'Partnering in my child's development'.
  • Warmley Park has 'Open lines of communication. Seesaw posts help me to feel informed of what my child is learning and enjoying at school'.
  • Warmley Park is 'Attentive, listening to my concerns, signposting me to places I can get support and additional services'.
  • Warmley Park 'Always keeps me up to date when professionals are involved and will always allow them visits'.


The annual review meeting is:

  • 'Always good .. love seeing my child's progression over the years and a good old chat'.
  • 'The school make the review a great experience'.
  • 'Brilliant'.
  • 'Very positive experience, always fully informed and able to do it on teams which works around us'.
  • 'It’s really amazing. Every time I'm amazed by my child’s progress'.
  • 'Always good to see what my child has been doing throughout the year and also being able to share concerns and worries as well as achievements'.
  • 'Excellent. School are superb at reviewing and amending the document to put forward to the LA'.


When asked to describe Warmley Park in 3 words, these were the most common responses:


Here are some places where you can find further information and support-