Emma, Head of Primary and KS3

Welcome to the Primary Department at Warmley Park!

In Primary, learning through play and exploration is a key focus.

Our KS1 learners follow an adapted EYFS curriculum focusing on independence and readiness to learn. We begin to build foundations for core communication, literacy and math skills.

Our KS2 learners follow an adapted KS2 curriculum which is tailored around the pupil’s individual needs. Our curriculum aims to support learners to develop the skills needed to become successful learners, through teaching the fundamentals of communication, literacy, math, creativity, physical development and social interaction.

All Primary classes have an attached outdoor space for pupils to access. Classrooms may look different but are organised to suit the needs of the learners in the class. All classes are designed to enable our learners to access learning with independence.

You will see a range of communication methods in all classrooms from photos, talking tiles, symbols to communication grids and Makaton to support our learners to access communication, learning and resources.

Our Primary learners all access our Hydro pool once a week for a class swim and have opportunities to participate in outdoor activities such as Forest School, cycling, various sporting events and visits/trips throughout the year.

Primary Information