Warmley Park Citizen Skills Award

We have designed our own award scheme for pupils which is intended to develop their awareness of learning behaviours that will extend into citizen skills for when they move on from Warmley Park.

In Primary we have

  • Safety Squirrel- making safe choices
  • Communicating Cougar- making your needs known
  • Healthy Horse- making healthy choices
  • Patient Panther- accepting delays or difficulties
  • Sociable Seal- being a fantastic friend
  • Learning Lizard- trying hard with learning
  • Persistent Penguin- never gives up

In Secondary we have all of the above characteristics plus

  • Mindful Moose- thinking carefully about things
  • Confident Cat- believing in yourself
  • Aspirational Ant- setting an amazing example

We have attributed them to animals, and each of the Primary characters has a story with an ethical theme, for example, Persistent Penguin goes to the beach each day to clear up litter, and Safety Squirrel who campaigns for road safety.



We expect pupils to develop their awareness of these skills, and they can work towards stickers and certificates to celebrate their achievements as they demonstrate them.


Please contact us if you would like to know more.